Details about software update 0x547 (1351)
Recently our HR34-700 receiver updated itself from software version 0x4CD (1229 in 10 base human numbers) to 0x547 (1351). I posted some photos below, you can see the look and feel of the menus has changed. It looks a bit more modern, with more shadowing and 3D effects. I actually preferred the old menus better – they were a bit easier to read and faster in my opinion. Some users might have thought they were outdated and they probably were, but newer isn’t always better.

Here are the software version screens side by side. The updated version (0x547) is on the left
HR34-700 software update screen, updated to 0x547 (1351), You can already see the updated look and feel to the menus with software update 0x547, which equals 1351 if you want to use human base ten numbers.... HR34-700 system information

As I said on page 2, so far it seems the HR34-700 stability has improved. No freezes or navigation quirks have been observed since the new software update, and we haven’t had to reboot yet. We’re definitely pleased with the enhanced stability with software update 0x547.

The updated views of the HR34 after software update 0x547
HR34-700 menus after software update 0x547, The same basic layout is preserved with software update 0x547, however the look and feel has been updated and modernized HR34-700 settings and help view, There are now icons in some menus as you can see, however the basic layout and navigation are nearly all the same as before the software update HR34 recordings available list view after software update 0x547, Here's what the guide view looks like after software update 0x547.  Not much changed here except the look and feel - the folders, navigation and remote buttons all work the same as before the update

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