2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007 Honda Accord EX cabin air filter replacement

Here’s the procedure to replace the cabin air pollen filter in your Honda Accord in less than three minutes. I managed to remove and reinstall the filter with one hand while holding the camera in the other – so you should have no problems tackling this easy job.

The cabin air filter basket, you can remove this by releasing the latches on both sides
2006 honda accord v6 ex cabin air filter housing, Two snaps on each side release the cabin air filter basket.  Just pull it out and swap the filter or clean it.  It goes back in and secures with a reassuring click on both sides.

I ordered our replacement cabin air filter on Amazon; shipping is free when you spend over $25. It saved us since I bought the Cabin Air Filter, K&N High Performance Replacement Air Filter, and Engine Oil Filter all at once. The K&N is a nice little upgrade, it will make an extra horse or two and will most likely last the life of the car.

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