V-Moda Won’t Honor their Warranty on Vibe Duo Headphones?

V-Moda Vibe Duo Headphones

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Chris Thompson, .
Seemed good at first, then they broke

Somewhat comfortable and good sound quality but no volume control on remote.

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Check out this letter from V-Moda telling me they won’t honor the V-Moda warranty! Mind you, I bought these new on eBay, and my warranty submission was within the specified two year warranty period.

I provided a receipt for my Vibe Duo headphones as their process requested, but apparently they don’t like the vendor I bought them from:

horrible customer service,renege on warranty,buyer beware of v-moda

I do like their corporate letterhead at least, but the message and policy baffle me.

Why does it matter where you bought the headphones as long as they were new? V-Moda decides which vendors to sell their products to, why punish the end user? If you don’t honor the warranty through certain vendors, how and why did they get your product in the first place? If V-Moda would just answer these questions, maybe I’d understand their position better. Here’s one guy who also had a bad experience with his warranty, and then here’s yet another who bought on Amazon – nearly always considered an authorized seller.

I like how the warranty rejection turns into an up sell for them. V-Moda, you guys are supposed to fix products under warranty, not renege on the warranty then try sell another unit to the customer! Who would honestly fall for that?!

Watch out, these headphones were OK when I first bought them, but in less than a year the mic cover popped off and I couldn’t fix it. Next the mic completely died as well as the ear bud on that wire. I’ve never had any other headphones fail in this manner.

Alright, enough ranting for now. Dear V-Moda, please read this post and do a better job of embracing your customers. At the very least, don’t renege on warranties and punish your customers, do a better job controlling your supply chain so end users don’t get burned.

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2 comments on “V-Moda Won’t Honor their Warranty on Vibe Duo Headphones?

  1. Hello, I got a similar problem.

    I bought a pair of V-Moda earphone from the Apple Store. Some days ago the right earphone died….

    I wrote to them and Asked how to get a new pair. They told me to Send back my old one…
    Since I’m from Italy, shipping the package to Hollywood costs MUCH more than the earphones itself I asked them more information.

    The told me (textual words):

    If you would like to instead send us a picture of the headphones cut up and destroyed, we will be happy to send out a new pair.”

    I tought they were taking laugh at me…. DESTROY them?!
    In Italy (at least) if I destroy a product that invalidate the warranty… but reading your your post seems that I’m not the only one with this problem.

    Why Should I do?!? How is finished your case?

    • Sebastian,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems with V-Moda also. Does the Apple store still sell the headphones you bought? If so, can you buy a new pair and return the broken ones with the new receipt? If this isn’t an option then I think your only choice is to do as V-Moda said and destroy the headphones so you can get the replacements – or learn to live with one ear bud.

      Good luck!

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