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Sony SMP-N100 Media Player review

Sony SMP-N100 Media Player

Reviewed by:
Chris Thompson, .
Lots of value for a small price

Plays Youtube, Pandora, Netflix and many more services on your TV in 1080p resolution.

4 of 5

We recently picked up a Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Player with Wi-Fi media box at NewEgg for about $50. We’ve had it about a month now and it looks like we’ll keep it. We originally liked that is was wireless, giving us the ability to go online with our TV where our computer and DSL connection were not available. Unfortunately that option didn’t work out that well, the wireless connection wasn’t as robust as I hoped it could be. Let’s take a closer look at the SMP N100 in this review.

Sony SMP-N100 front view

The Review:

Unfortunately, Sony’s wireless was a bit flaky and we decided to use the network cable option which is working much better. Even when we had >80% signal strength menu loads were delayed or sometimes timed out. It got to the point of frustration and I just switched to wired full time.
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How to repair a Kenwood VR-407 Stereo Receiver Amp with a slowly or intermittently failing remote control

Since the repair of my Phillips 42 inch plasma TV went so well, I decided to research if there’s any Kenwood VR-407 repair for the remote sensor. It was great for years, then slowly, sometimes wouldn’t receive signal. Then after a while it worked again.  I had tried different remotes so I knew the remote wasn’t the issue. The cause of the issue is poor soldering on the 3 optical sensor leads, which appears to be a common issue on Kenwood receivers.

The 1st two pictures are the board to the front panel, I removed the receiver’s cover (about 6-10 screws), then partially removed the front board (several yellow screws, some cables had to be unplugged – I wasn’t able to completely remove the board).

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