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How to over clock iPhone 3GS on the fly

This is handy trick that I’m sure others have already come up with to over clock iPhone 3GS phones on the fly. As many of you probably already know, the iPhone 3GS is under clocked by default. There are numerous articles out there that already explain how to remove the under clock setting in your iPhone 3GS’s system configuration (this article will tell you as well). I just took it one step further and made bash scripts to automate the process.

Alright so first, you have to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS which is really easy to do, just go to the Wikipedia iOS jailbreak page and look up how to jailbreak the iOS version you are running on your iPhone 3GS. Once you jailbreak the device, you’ll want to install Cydia, which gets you all the other tools needed to complete this tech tip.

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The Power of Email

Since my blog has been heavy on family updates as of late, I thought it was about time to discuss business and best practices. How about discussing the power of email for Internet marketing.

Parents know it’s tough to cook with a newborn in the house, so one of my co-workers was kind enough to setup a dinner schedule to help us out. Shane provided our first dinner and he setup an account on foodtidings.com so others could opt in and schedule dinner for us on follow up nights. The first two scheduled meals worked out great, but there was a snag on #3. Someone had planned to provide us dinner last Friday night, but I wasn’t notified and a bit puzzled Food Tidings didn’t send me a confirmation. In fact, Food Tidings never sent me any email.

Enter the importance of email and opt in

What's your email strategy?

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