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2002 – 2007 Honda Accord V6 EX oil change reset procedure

Here’s the oil change procedure for the 2006 Honda Accord V6 EX. This is the seventh generation Accord so if you don’t have a 2006, your procedure might slightly differ. It was easy, again the important part is preparing ahead. We had 30% oil life remaining but don’t drive the car much so an early change was due. This procedure explains how to do the oil change and how to reset the oil life indicator.

Total time: About 30 minutes my first time and taking pictures.

Tools & Parts needed:
1. Ramps (I used old Rhino Ramps)
2. 4.5 quarts of Mobil-1 5W-30
3. Socket set with 17mm socket wrench to remove the oil drain plug
4. Bosch 3323 oil filter
5. Gloves, oil pan, towels or newspaper

(click for full size image)
2006 Honda Accord oil life indicator

2006 Honda Accord V6 EX engine oil dip stick and add oil location, The pink arrow shows where the dip stick is to check the oil, then on the right you can see where engine oil can be added.

Step-by-step procedure:

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BMW X3 wiper replacement procedure for driver passenger and rear windows e83 2007 2008 2009

Had some trouble with the rain this weekend, my wipers weren’t cutting it anymore and needed to be replaced. Another good opportunity to do a BMW X3 wiper replacement tech tip.

First, I tried calling around to some local auto stores, but in my area wipers for a BMW X3 need to be special ordered. I figured if that’s the case, try the dealership also. Stevens Creek BMW wanted over $140 for the front driver and passenger wipers alone – that sounded exorbitant to someone cost sensitive like me. I tried a few more local shops and found the front set for under $100 but still a bit high. I ended up doing much better than that.

Ultimately, I found some Bosch wiper refills (Bosch 43722 Wiper Refill Pr & Bosch 43720 Wiper Refill Pr) that did the trick. The driver side wiper uses 22 inch while the passenger side uses 20 inch. The refills come in sets of two, so you could use sturdy wire clippers and cut the second 43722 refill down to fit the passenger side wiper. Instead, I suggest just getting the 20 inch set as well, and keep the spares handy for your next wiper change. Here are some more handy tips and photos to help with the entire replacement procedure – driver passenger & rear window.
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