It’s been a while since I did a blog post, but that’s because we’ve been busy! Finally had a chance to upload pictures, 71 in all.
I like tummy time now I drool on myself Mommy takes artistic photos!

We went to the beach, had a great BBQ with Shane & Mike & families, went to wine country, sold a car, bought another, saw a lot of family, and also had time for some casual at home shots. Brooke is able to eat 2 packages of baby food in one sitting already! She’ll sample some squash then chase it with peaches. Oh, and she has 2 tiny teeth coming in right at the bottom (there’s at least 1 photo you can see them).
Brooke is more of a morning person than Chris Brooke and Chris take turns finishing it Mommy & Brooke
She gets the most compliments on her blue eyes, I don’t even know how to describe how light blue they are but if you see some of her photos you’ll get the point. She’s still being very sweet, sleeping well most nights, smiling, laughing, and learning a lot more every day. Here’s a slide show link if you want to get through our pics to the end – cheers!